CEO’s message

Thank you for visiting the homepage of our company.

Our company is a Maker specialized in Solder Resist Ink used for printed wiring boards essential for all electronic products including IT instruments such as mobile phone, Personal Computer, etc. as well as Digital Home Appliance, Automotive Electronic Instruments, etc.
Our company is leading the market with the highest-class technology, and are receiving high trust from customers by effective and real-time responses to diversified requirements of customers.

Since the establishment of our group (1953) and our company (1988), the spirit of [Develop and provide products with the best value based on technological competence] has remained unchanged.
Based on customers’ trust for more than a half century, our company is reinforcing cooperation with domestic and overseas enterprises on a daily basis, and will use the competence to develop and provide products with high function and high quality constantly required.

Our executives and employees are preparing for the next generation with the power prepared for the future and certain technological competence.
We ask you of much interest in Taiyo Ink Korea that is progressing rapidly in preparation for the new era.

Thank you.

Minegishi Shoji