Management philosophy & policy

We will realize "a pleasant society" by further advancing "every technology" the Group has
and creating a wide range of products to help fulfill the dreams for the whole world with our innovative products.

Basic Management Policy

  • ·We will generate profit and increase corporate value, thereby contributing to the well-being and prosperity of customers, communities, shareholders, and employees.
  • · We will discharge our corporate social responsibility with regard to the achievement of our management philosophy, including complying with the law, protecting the environment, ensuring thorough quality management, and contributing to society.
  • ·We will leverage our global system to always provide superior products and services.
  • ·We will constantly create opportunities for employees to challenge and develop themselves, aiming to have a corporate group composed of people who are highly motivated to be successful and to achieve goals set by themselves.
  • ·We will increase our comprehensive corporate strengths by maximizing cooperation between the Group companies and strengthen the teamwork of all employees with emphasis on "speed and communication".
  • ·We aim to have a group of global companies able to contribute to the realization of a pleasant society by constantly working for technological innovation and creating new products and businesses.