Independent-type talent

Active talents who can set up goals themselves and ceaselessly challenge for their realization.

Talents with a high communication capability

Talents who can improve competenceof the enterprise through reinforcement of linkage with customers and each company of the group as well as activation of teamwork.

Talents acting with the world as a stage

Talents who prove their own competence with the whole world as a stage based on global network throughout the world.

Introducing jobs


Contribute to increased sales by introducing to domestic and overseas customers in relation to trend analysis for industry market, development and launching of new products, and promoting sales

· R&D

Develop market-leading products meeting the customer's needs based on key technologies related to chemistry, new materials, etc.

· Quality

Manage processes for quality in general including operation diagnosis for construction of quality management system such as original materials, processes, products, etc. review and approval of newly developed items or modified items, internal and external QC/QA activities, supervision of subcontractors, etc.

· Production

Establish plans for production and raw materials for production of products through processes of measuring, mixing and packing of raw materials, plan and implement processes throughout theproduction process through innovation of supply and production technologies, improvement of processes, etc. promote improvement of productivity

· Management &administration

Business supporttasks to allow smooth implementation of business activities such as human resources and general affairs, accounting and finance, etc.

Recruitment Information

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